Welcome to my blog about Teaching and Learning!

Thomas Henry Horan, MFA is an educator, author, and media professional in St Louis, MO. Thomas has over 30 years experience successfully teaching and creating in partnership with academic institutions and educational publishers. As a teacher, Professor Horan specializes in discovering, practicing, and sharing novel and inventive solutions to learning challenges that are successfully delivered within the current curricula and standards set by leading institutions of learning, and within the frameworks of regulatory and accrediting compliance.

Of all the many rich and challenging experiences of my life, none have been more complex, or more rewarding, than learning to be an effective teacher. This blog is dedicated to Teaching and Learning at all age levels. Topics include: Engagement, Accessibility & Disability, Instructional Design, Gamification of Learning, and Developmental/Educational Psychology & Sociology. The content of this blog will be moderated to ensure that it is suitable for all teachers and learners, of all ages and demographies. Remember: Education is a CREATIVE process! So, let’s create some learning!

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