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Peacock’s Myth of the Zodiac Killer Watch Party LIVE!

I can not show you the Peacock docuseries. But, you CAN watch ME watch it, you Lucky Devils! I will livestream to Members Riff-Trax style. We will synchronize our playback devices, and you can watch along with me, or playback my commentary later. Or, you can find something interesting to do. But I have NOT seen it, yet, so you might as well watch me watch it. I am VERY excited about it! I haven’t seen it yet, but I know a lot of what–and who–will be on it. So, I can definitely recommend that you pay the $4.99 for a month of Peacock to watch it. It will go “live” on Peacock on demand at 3:00 am Eastern July 11, 2023. but I won’t be watching it until 6:00pm Central. As always, I will “pregame” live on YouTube starting about 5:45 pm Central. Click Join Now or Login to watch the full livestream commentary by yours truly.

I will pregame on YouTube LIVE beginning around 5:45 pm Wednesday!

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