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What Did Jeffrey Epstein Get for Bill Gates’s Nobel Prize?

Two separate photos one of Jeffrey Epstein one of Bill Gates

After Jeffrey Epstein was released from his first prison sentence for sex trafficking underage girls to wealthy and powerful blackmail victims, Bill Gates and his Foundation reached out to Epstein and cultivated a “private…pleasure” relationship with him. According to his ex-wife Melinda, Gates even sacrificed his marriage over Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein literally pimped Bill Gates IV to the chair of the Nobel Peace Prize committee. What did Epstein get in return?

Greta Thunberg snatched the Peace Prize from the jaws of Bill Gates, but that bittersweet taste still haunts his tongue. Billy Boy won’t rest until his ego is fed and bloated. So, what chilling secret is Ghislaine Maxwell holding over Bill Gates’s head from her jail cell right now? Plug into The Stones Unturned Podcast to find out!

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